Easy Online Software

We offer hundreds of professionally designed templates that you can choose to use as-is or as a starting point when creating your yearbook. We also offer an extensive art library with coordinating theme ideas you can easily use to carry the theme throughout your book.

Easy management of access rights, process flow and page tracking allows you to focus on
what’s really important — helping your students create a great yearbook!

Powerful Organization Tools

  • Assign users to pages upon account creation
  • Advanced adviser control over permissions and access rights
  • Advisers can create groups and assign users with specific access privileges
  • Users can be assigned to any number of pages
  • One deadline only—no more multiple deadlines. Capture more of your school year in your book!
  • Access rights are clear, organized and easily managed
  • Pages are easily organized, with page descriptions, using the Pictavo ladder

Project Status

  • At a glance, the Dashboard shows overall book status, page status, countdown to book deadline and book specs
  • Production status is tracked by page and individual
  • View status per page and access rights per page
  • See an instant visual of where attention is needed most
  • Page-by-page approval, or approve multiple pages at once
  • Pages are locked after adviser approval
  • Enhanced submission warnings for elements outside of the margins and visual indicator if text is not visible

Quality Checks

  • Photo tracking capabilities allow for easy student coverage
  • Tag photos to identify persons while editing a page
  • Easily view how many times a person is tagged in photos throughout the yearbook
  • Clear trim lines for clean and accurate design
  • Auto-warnings and image-resolution checks (by the client-side software) prevent poor quality
  • Locked spreads assure pages designed together stay together
  • Limit font and color selections to maintain consistency and design concept throughout book