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Five Reasons to Print Your Photos

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Living in the digital age is remarkable. You can capture images of anything you want simply by tapping your phone screen. Chances are, you have thousands of pictures saved on your phone, but when was the last time you printed them out?

While it’s true that advancements in technology have changed the photography industry, talent and technique can’t be replaced. As photographers adapt to the digital landscape, photographic prints continue to offer benefits digital images can’t. In an age where digital photos are taken for granted, printed photos matter more than ever. Below are five reasons you should print your pictures, especially those near and dear to your heart.

You look at printed pictures more often

Framed family photo

Of all the photos stored on your phone, how many do you look at daily? Most likely, the answer is very few. When you print photos, you do so because they often highlight significant moments in your life. These are the photos you keep safe in an album or display in your home. If there’s a framed photo of your children on your bedroom dresser, for example, you’re reminded of life’s precious moments every day.

Portraits make great home décor

Wall of photos

If you have a picture you love, show it off! There are so many ways to display images around your home. From lining the walls up your stairway to arranging them above your couch, decorating your space with pictures of your loved ones helps make your house a home.

Printed pictures can be given as gifts

Photo album

Printed photos make thoughtful gifts. Whether framed, laid out in a book, or sized to fit on a mug, they’re sure to be cherished. An old adage says a picture is worth a thousand words, but photographs are valued even more when given to someone special.

Printed photos are timeless

Photo album

One of the best parts about printing your photos is that they’re timeless records of people you love. If properly cared for, they can be around for decades as part of your family’s historical past. Printed photos are for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Hard drives crash but paper doesn’t

Photos, laptop, tablet

We’ve all heard it before, or maybe you’ve experienced it yourself – your computer crashes, your phone malfunctions, or your cloud account gets deleted, and the photos are gone forever. Technology is awesome, but it isn’t always the friendliest option if you want to enjoy your photos in their best form. Of course, there’s a solution: print your pictures! This way, when technology fails you, your priceless memories will be secure.

With over 75 years of experience, Irvin Simon Photographers has all the resources necessary to capture dazzling school photos. From taking care of all the little details to working with the latest technology, we know just how much value each school portrait holds. From the moment the camera flashes until many years from now, we take pride in creating special memories that last a lifetime.

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Nicole DiGiose

Nicole DiGiose

Nicole DiGiose is a lifestyle writer who serves as the Director of Marketing & Communications for Irvin Simon Photographers. By combining her love of journalism and photography, she helps spread the word about creating amazing Picture Day experiences. Previously, she's written for 1-800-Flowers, Harry & David, Chilled Magazine, and local newspapers in her hometown.

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