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Top 5 Picture Day Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Picture Day is much more than a camera and a smiling face. It’s the chance to capture the milestone of each grade while showcasing each student’s personality.

So, Picture Day is a big deal! It requires careful planning and it’s important to have an expert to guide you. If Picture Day isn’t planned well, your school community will not have a good experience. Nobody wants that!

To ensure your next Picture Day is a success, we’ve put together a list of the most common Picture Day mistakes and how to avoid them. Download our guidebook on the Top 5 Picture Day Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.

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Nicole DiGiose

Nicole DiGiose

Nicole DiGiose is a lifestyle writer who serves as the Director of Marketing & Communications for Irvin Simon Photographers. By combining her love of journalism and photography, she helps spread the word about creating amazing Picture Day experiences. Previously, she's written for 1-800-Flowers, Harry & David, Chilled Magazine, and local newspapers in her hometown.

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